Lumpa And The Lore Men

Published May 20, 2022 307 Views

Lumpa And The Lore Men

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Café Locked Out’s New Goal
The Deplorables Epic Road Trip
Recording Australian Voices Everywhere For Australians Everywhere
Second Leg: Perth to Mount Isa
"I'm no longer a writer, I'm now a historian capturing a history they are already trying to erase."
~Michael Gray Griffith

The first leg of the tour, from Melbourne to Perth was focused on seeding the hope of Epic in communities around Australia. The method was simple. We'd announce when
we were to arrive in the next town and once there, we'd join a gathering of likeminded people, or those who were just curious and we would invite people from the gathering to be guests.

Separate to this I would also record individual interviews.

This we will continue to do, and not only to document the stories of those Australians the main stream media ignores, but to use their voices to spread hope and courage.

Basically we are in recruitment. We are trying to motivate people to fight for decency, fairness, empathy and freedom.

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