Fired Up! - Abortion and Politics (Ep 1)

Published May 20, 2022 33 Views

Join "The Conservative Latino" William Del Pilar as he takes on the issues of the day and serves them up from his unique perspective. Luckily, nothing is off-limits when William gets on a roll-- that is, lucky for everyone except the poor devils he gets in his cross-hairs!

This episode: William welcomes guest Karen Roseberry, a California political activist, to discuss the issue of abortion in the current political climate in the U.S.

00:00 Opening
02:00 Karen Roseberry, political activist in California
04:00 Running for U.S. Senate
07:30 George Gascón recall efforts
11:15 Roe vs. Wade
18:30 Gavin Newsome-- creating a "safe haven" for abortion rights
47:00 Is abortion a racial issue in America?
1:00:00 How Republicans can win on this issue

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