New Zealand Mainstream Media Campaign to Rebrand Vaccine Injury As Long Covid (Part 2)

Published May 20, 2022 3,313 Views

Is it Vaccine injury or Long Covid?

The ongoing campaign of gaslighting and propaganda from the mainstream media wants you to think it's the latter. The symptoms of 'post vaccination syndrome' are almost identical to symptoms of 'long covid syndrome'. The difference is that if you manage to get your G.P to accept you have post vaccination syndrome then you are eligible for support through ACC.

Vaccine injury is a treatment injury and if ACC accept a claim, then people get financial support for all ongoing health investigations and treatment needed associated with that claim. If your G.P says you have 'long covid syndrome' then there is no help. Nada.

How do we distinguish post vaccination syndrome from long Covid syndrome? Is anyone going to ask? If Vax injury is diagnosed as long covid how will anyone be held to account? Where is the justice for those injured by Pfizer? Perhaps ACC could introduce a new 'long Covid syndrome' claim. That way people get the help they deserve whether it was the disease or the 'cure'.

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