The Tokenized Economy | Unit Network Overview and Review

2 years ago

The tokenized economy is a radical new vision for how our economy could look. Attempting to alleviate wealth inequality by making everyone a stake holder, I believe this could be a paradigm shift in how we as a society view value, money and investing.

It's all being built on the Unit Network, and in this video I walk you through exactly how this future could disrupt things as we know it!

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The Tokenized Economy Article:

0:00 - Introduction
1:27 - Wealth inequality
2:42 - How to solve wealth inequality
3:38 - The tokenized economy and how it works
4:40 - Social token example in the tokenized economy
6:29 - How the tokenized economy increases the pie for everyone
7:28 - Rug pulls, scams and bad actors in the tokenized economy
8:45 - The Unit Network Treasury
9:50 - The tokenized economy for businesses
11:30 - How having ownership stake radically transforms society and incentives
13:20 - Business example in the tokenized economy
14:20 - How the Unit Treasury helps create fair market valuations
18:20 - Creating a token on the Unit Network
19:50 - The Unit Network business model
20:17 - My Unit Network investment
20:50 - Unit Disclaimer
21:10 - Unit Core Team and Compensation
22:10 - How to get involved in Unit Network
22:50 - Pros and Cons of Investing in Unit
23:50 - My personal thoughts on investing in Unit
24:15 - Future content and plans for Unit Network

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