Debunking Rumors That Bill Gates' and the WHO's Pandemic Treaty Is a Nothingburger

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1 year ago

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Whenever I "debunk" a claim, I generally link to it. I'm not going to do it in this particular instance because I have great respect for some who are claiming that the World Health Organization's Pandemic Treaty is a nothingburger. I can understand why they think this because on the surface this is just an expansion of preexisting powers and budgets for the WHO.

But there's a major aspect of the Pandemic Treaty that is not being considered by those who claim it's powerless. They're reacting to reports that signing the treaty would destroy our sovereignty. While this is not true in a technical sense, from a practical sense that is exactly what will happen. In fact, we're already seeing it in practice domestically.

The Pandemic Treaty will effectively replace the FDA and the CDC with the WHO when it comes to pandemic response guidance. Neither the FDA nor the CDC have inherent powers. Their "guidance" is given teeth by legislative and executive branches at every level. When the CDC recommended face masks worn indoors, for example, it was through emergency orders from executives in government and some levels of legislature that referenced the guidance. By referencing the guidance of the moment, the elected officials empowered the CDC to determine what the rule du jour was.

Now, take this up several notches and make it worldwide. That's what the Pandemic Treaty represents. It commandeers the medical guidance apparatuses currently in place in all 194 potential member nations and supersedes the authority granted to their bureaucratic bodies. Here in the United States, that would mean that when another variant or different disease altogether rears its ugly head, both the executive and legislative branches of government would be compelled to refer to guidance from the World Health Organization to determine the national response.

Both Congress and the White House could reject the guidance, but let's get real here. They won't. Just as they listened to Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, and Rochelle Walensky in literally every regard, so too will they wholeheartedly obey the guidance sent down from the World Health Organization. Does this mean we're losing our sovereignty? Technically, no. In practice, will our government willingly obey the guidance given to them by the World Health Organization? That really depends on who is in office at the time and what the sentiment of the people is.

Lest we forget, President Trump locked down the nation and started Operation Warp Speed on guidance from the CDC and FDA. What many do not realize is that even someone like President Trump is a slave to optics. His gut told him we needed to open up the nation after the two weeks to slow the spread. Then, he said we needed to open up the nation by Easter, 2020. Even though he technically had the power to do so, he did not because the optics of going against FDA and CDC guidance would have harmed him greatly, at least in his mind, during an election year.

We often confuse power with control. Joe Biden has power, but he's not in control. President Trump had power and some control, but the pandemic response shows us he didn't really have complete control. Those who are saying the Pandemic Treaty is powerless over our sovereignty are not wrong, but they will have control over the seats of power just as the CDC and FDA have had control over Washington DC power since the pandemic began.

On the latest episode of The Midnight Sentinel, I explained this in greater detail.

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