Kari Did So Well In This Interview That The Most Biased Paper In AZ History Didn’t Even Run A Story

2 years ago

The Arizona Repugnant has been BEGGING us for a sit-down interview. They claimed that they wanted to write about my Border Policy. This was weeks ago and they STILL have not said a word about any of my policies or my vision for Arizona. Instead, they have thrown a handful of hit pieces our way. Oh well! If they won’t share what we gave them, I will just give you the full interview. Enjoy! (Audio issues clear up after 3 min mark)

Kari Lake is the Trump-Endorsed, America First Candidate for Arizona Governor. Patriots from all 50 States are chipping in to help Kari secure the Arizona Border & finish President Trump’s Wall.
DONATE to Kari at KariLake.com/donate.
Text KARI to 70789 for Campaign Updates.
Vote for Kari! AZ Primary is August 2nd and the General is November 8th

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