Maureen Riordan: A First-Hand Account of the Left’s Takeover of the DOJ Voting Section

Published May 18, 2022 129 Views

Election law attorney Maureen Riordan currently serves as Litigation Counsel for the non-profit election integrity law firm, The Public Interest Legal Foundation, pursuring cases that defend states' Constitutional rights to determine their own election procedures and statutes. Counsel Riordan started her career as a prosecutor for the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, working her way from traffic court to prosecuting major cases.

After moving to Virginia in 2020, Maureen accepted a job at the Department of Justice Voting Section, believing she would be working within the Department’s stated mission of enforcing voting laws and rooting out legitimate cases of discrimination. What she discovered was the Department was a weaponized arm of the far left’s anti-election integrity agenda, populated with attorneys and staff from far-left organizations, with an open agenda of tipping the scales away from equal application of law and targeting states it considered too conservative and Constitutionally sound in the area of voting laws.

Maureen recounts her 20 years at the Department of Justice, doing her best to fairly enforce laws when her superiors openly directed her to work in coordination with outside left-wing groups. Describing important cases of election law, some decided by the Supreme Court, Maureen tells Cleta she was “flabbergasted” when she first arrived at DOJ, and Podcast subscribers will be as well with the revelations in this version of Who’s Counting With Cleta Mitchell.

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