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Published May 19, 2022 12,958 Views
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Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Jordan Peterson, Heather Mac Donald, Bret Weinstein, Yasmine Mohammed, Onkar Ghate, Steve Simpson, and Ari Cohn about the importance of free speech, and the first amendment in this special “best of” episode. Jordan Peterson explains the psychological toll that self censorship can take on a person’s mental state and why you must speak your mind honestly. Bret Weinstein and Steve Simpson discuss the best ways to deal with bad ideas and if the public square should be kept from extremist groups. Heather Mac Donald talks about the importance of diversity of thought. Ari Cohn explains why there is no legal foundation for the concept of hate speech and why the American Civil Liberties Union defended the right of Nazis to march in Skokie, Illinois. Finally, Yasmine Mohammed and Onkar Ghate explain the dangers of safe spaces and not exposing yourself to opposing ideas.

Watch Dave Rubin's FULL interviews with:

Free Speech: Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, Onkar Ghate

Harvard: Free Speech in America with Bret Weinstein, Steve Simpson

Free Speech at UC Berkeley: Heather Mac Donald, Steve Simpson

Ari Cohn: Free Speech, Hate Speech, & The Importance of Disagreement

Free Speech at Dartmouth: Yasmine Mohammed & Onkar Ghate

Want to have a better understanding of the importance of free speech? Do you want to know why our founding fathers felt that the first amendment was the most important of our civil liberties? Are you concerned about cancel culture and it’s damaging effect on freedom of expression in American discourse?
Watch these amazing guests express their freedom of speech in this playlist devoted to the most important civil liberty we have:

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