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Formula for disaster: Bill Gates' BIOMILQ pushing formula shortage

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JUNE 2020 - Bill Gates announced a startup called BIOMILQ. It’s backed by some of the richest investors in the world, like Zuckerburg. It raised $3.5 million in Series A funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Breakthrough Energy Ventures is Bill Gates’ investment firm focused on climate change.

SEPTEMBER 2020 - Remember that $3.5 million in BIOMILQ money? Well, according to a receipt from the Gates Foundation, it paid The Guardian $3.5 million in September 2020. This was an initial offering from the Gates Foundation. Of course, right after on September 27, the Guardian published an article entitled “Antibodies in breast milk remain for 10 months after Covid infection – study.”

February 2022 - Customs and Border Patrol officers said that they inspected 17 separate shipments of formulas that came from Europe. Border patrol consulted with the FDA. Of course, the FDA said it had safety concerns about noncompliant baby formula. The same month, the FDA announces it is looking into bacterial contamination at the Abbott formula production plant in Michigan that's supposedly behind the baby formula shortage.

MAY 2022 - The Gates Foundation paid the Guardian again as part of annual funding. The very next day, The Guardian wasted no time and published a hit-piece on breastfeeding. It’s called “Turns out breastfeeding really does hurt - why does no one tell you?”

GATES FOUNDATION: https://www.gatesfoundation.org/about/committed-grants/2020/09/inv017377

FDA PRESS RELEASES ON FORMULA PRODUCTION: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/fda-newsroom/press-announcements

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