Introducing Zuzu On Wheels

Published May 17, 2022

Welcome to Zuzu on Wheels! As a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and Health Education Reformer over the last two decades, I have learned of effective and simple solutions to many forms of dis-ease. And it’s not only me who has learned tips and tricks, but thousands of natural health practitioners, medical doctors, and health professionals worldwide! Join me as I interview people from all over North America as they share things you can do at home to help prevent and address common health ailments. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars over a five year span trying to figure out what was happening in our youngest child’s body, I know the pain of not having answers. This next year of traveling and interviewing is my gift to you. No one should have questions without answers, and no one should live not understanding how their amazing human body works! WELCOME ABOARD! If you found me while traveling, at a campsite, or if you’ve heard a podcast or me speak publicly, you are in the right place with people who love learning just like you! Enjoy daily videos and inspiration, but most of all please realize there is someone who truly loves your guts! That’s me!

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