What’s With the Border? Are We Ready to Face the End-Times?

Published May 16, 2022 12,901 Views
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- Gov Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr

Today, The Two Mikes were honored to have the chance to host Dr. Fred R. Coulter, who is a Minister with 56.5 years’ experience, as well as a Translator, Teacher, Translator, and Publisher.

He is from Hollister, California, he belongs to and is president of the Christian Biblical Church of Christ. He has translated the Old and New Testaments, and has written many books including, The Holy Bible In Its Original Order—A Faithful Version With Commentary. Mr. Coulter explained that his ministry's mission was to "teach the truth of the Bible" and to separate God's truth from the traditions of men.

America is unique because it was founded under God, he said, and "God will hold Americans accountable for their behavior” and "wherever there is sin there is a reaction [from God]."

"What if," Mr. Coulter asked, "God's punishment comes in the form of "sending one illegal alien into the country for each of the 62 million babies that Americans have murdered."

Too many clergymen -- Protestant and Catholic -- are learning and preaching based on misinterpretation, mis-translated, and man's traditions, none of which is found in scripture.

Mr. Coulter maintains that our nation is being "judged by God" and will be punished for its lack of obedience to His word.

Perhaps most provocatively, Mr. Coulter explained that the Bible makes clear that the Christian Sabbath is on Saturday, not Sunday, and referred us to a book by Baltimore's Cardinal James Gibbon in the 1890s that came to the same conclusion.

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