Dr. Ryan Cole: COVID ~ 19 Vaccines Causing An Alarming Uptick In Cancers

Published May 15, 2022 1,504 Views

Dr. Ryan Cole describes an "alarming" uptick in cancers and immune system responses in the past year. Based on both scientific data and anecdotal observations, Cole says scientists are "seeing an alteration of the innate immune response," which he says is very concerning. He says the uptick in these strange immune responses coincides with the rollouts of vaccines against COVID-19 in the population.

“We’re seeing an alteration of the innate immune response,” says pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, founder of Cole Diagnostics.

In recent months, Dr. Cole said he started seeing a number of disturbing trends under the microscope: the appearance of a childhood disease in adults and an uptick in rare cancers. Other doctors have echoed his observations, he says, but rigorous studies are not being conducted.

“You cannot find that for which you do not look,” he says.

We also take a look at what factors impact how an individual fares with COVID-19. America has a vitamin D crisis, which is essential to a functioning immune system, Dr. Cole says. “This is a public health message that is so critical, because so goes your vitamin D level, so goes your overall ability to fight off not just COVID, but any virus in any viral season.”

Source: Sunfellow on COVID-19 on Rumble
Full Episode: https://ept.ms/10201DrRyanCole

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