Dr. Peter McCullough and John Leake - The Courage To Face Covid-19

1 year ago

Chris Wark interviews Dr. Peter McCullough and John Leake

Show Notes
-The early suspicions of media fear-mongering [5:10]
-How irrational thinking goes hand-in-hand with fear [11:00]
-Early alternative treatments for covid-19 [12:30]
-Is covid-19 really an unassailable monster? [15:30]
-Silenced, censored, and smeared by the media [22:40]
-The CEPI’s crafty business plan [24:10]
-How organizations work together to maximize profits and capitalize on crisis [29:45]
-Dr. McCullough’s damaged career [32:25]
-Science or bureaucratic mandates? [37:50]
-The reason why no alternate protocols were approved [43:13]
-John's Heimlich analogy [49:14]
-Where the is risk, there must be free choice [51:40]

Resources from this interview:
Book - https//www.amazon.com/COURAGE-FACE-COVID-19-Hospitalization-Bio-Pharmaceutical/dp/B09ZLVWMD9/ref=sr_1_1
The McCullough Report podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-mccullough-report/id1562849542
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/petermcculloughmd___/
CEPI - https://cepi.net


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