Is Elon Musk Exiting the Twitter Deal? Trish Regan Show S3/E85

Published May 13, 2022 8,733 Views
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Investors are getting nervous. Elon Musk took to Twitter to suggest his $44 billion deal might not go through...and the risk-arb trading community is increasingly casting doubt on the ability of this deal to materialize. Trish has the intel on what's really going on...and the fees Elon would have to pay should he decide to bail.

Meanwhile, the administration is making some rather foolish choices on energy policy including refusing to allow more drilling while threatening to regulate gas prices. Hello Jimmy Carter 2.0!

Plus, investors got some relief from the constant selling on Friday, many worry volatility is here to stay. The good news is… You don’t have to invest in stocks! There are plenty of great alternatives worth considering. For example, who knew that investing in used Ferraris and Lamborghinis could yield a 167% return? Charlie Dombeck from is back on the show to tell us about some of the most interesting alternative investments he’s seen.

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