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Published May 13, 2022 215 Views
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Is Elon’s Twitter deal off?! Host of FRONTLINES Drew Hernandez is looking into the latest report from Elon himself. Plus, the head of the new DHS “Disinformation” Board says OTHER people should be allowed to edit YOUR tweets. They are GASLIGHTING you. A new whistleblower report confirms the FBI is targeting Project Veritas — and that’s not the only entity under the careful watch of the Feds. Parents are too. It’s time to pay attention!

The TPUSA LIVE team is joined by host Jon Root, TPUSA Contributors Stephen “MAGA Hulk” Davis, Paige Roux, and TPUSA Ambassador Anthony Watson who will talk about North Korea’s first alleged case of the Chinese coronavirus, indoctrination nation, wokeness in America, and ‘What’s New At HQ!’

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec discusses how Chicago PD has disallowed any vacation time as a result of nearly 1,000 police officers' quitting within the last year, the Biden Admin cancelling Alaska oil and gas lease sale, and illegal immigrants receiving “pallets” of hard to find baby formula. Plus, is Elon Musk’s Twitter deal temporarily on hold? Find out today on Human Events Daily!

Today on The Spillover, host Alex Clark sits down with one of the most fascinating families to follow on Instagram, the James-Decker clan. People are so obsessed with the inner workings and drama of this family that many even follow their extended family members… like Ali and John James. The twenty-something year old influencers, siblings to celebrities, and parents of two never fail to be the subject of tabloid fodder and Internet gossip. They have faced a myriad of rumors and accusations – from their parenting skills to where their money comes from. Not to mention the period of estrangement from their famous family. On this episode of The Spillover, Alex Clark asks point blank, not just for answers, but for the truth behind one of the most controversial influencer couples on the Internet.

We will wrap up the show with POPlitics with host Alex Clark, who unpacks the sickening bombshell that dropped about ‘Dr. Strange’ actress, Zara Phythian. Plus, Alex is dropping the latest deets on the uphill battle Johnny Depp is facing in his defamation trial against Amber Heard. There’s a brand new show we’re adding to your homework list. AND Alex explodes during freak of the week!

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