Episode 348: The Fifth Element Of Government

2 years ago

See full description at blog post: https://bit.ly/3NfJA2H

The Fifth Element of Government is corporations and corporatism that has ‘gone woke.’ The fundamental ethics in business have devolved to the point that major corporations are the executors of bureaucratic policy, often exclusive of actual law. We experienced this during the ChicomFlu debacle in the way that all levels of business bowed to the gods of the NIH and CDS so as to keep their federal contracts.

The worse offenders of The Fifth Element of Government is the medical industry. They currently are merged into the mystical transcendence of money and power in the minds of the corporate mega-stock holders and the super-social/cultural-investors.

To which, I speak to the manipulation of board rooms by these institutional investors that drive businesses to do the bidding of government, especially in the ideological realm.

From all this, the questions then must be asked: Where are Biblical Reformation business ethics? Who teaches such business principles and do they work?

As one real example commentary on Christians in Business looking at Biblical business ethics from R. C. Sproul’s ‘How should Christian values impact business ethics in the office?’ - Read full quote and all references at: https://bit.ly/3NfJA2H

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