Wild Seagull Tries To Have Conversation With Unimpressed Cat

2 years ago

Snowy is a house cat who lives in England. She shares her backyard with wild crows, squirrels, seagulls and a few other animals. Snowy's owner, Pam feeds a lot of wildlife and they have become very accustomed to her as she gives them their snacks. The cats have learned to live with these visitors too, having no apparent desire to actually catch any of the birds.
The birds have learned that they are relatively safe on the fence.

Although not completely relaxed when a cat is beside them, the birds are more playful than fearful. This is Steven Seagull and he frequents Pam's feeding stations and water buckets, He waits patiently for the food to appear and he shares his excitement with Snowy, trying to engage in a conversation. It sounds like he's laughing at an inside joke, or maybe he's asking what's on the menu. Snowy doesn't seem impressed enough to pay much attention. She looks around and ignores Steven, despite his best attempt at socializing. After a few tries, he decides to fly over to another fence to wait on his own for the food to come.

Seagulls and cats are not normally so comfortable with each other. Snowy has proven reluctant to fight with the animals who some to see Pam. They've established enough trust that they can share a spot on the fence without fear. It's remarkable to see this kind of comfort between cats and birds!

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