Coinbase *JUST* Issued a BANKRUPTCY Warning to Crypto Investors!

Published May 13, 2022 2,738 Views

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My the crypto world is changing and changing fast! Just six months to a year ago we read all of the headlines about record breaking prices in dogecoin, bitcoin, lite coin, ethereum and a thousand of other altcoins reaching incredible all time highs. Everyone was getting rich and making a fortune in crypto and this was allowing and incentivizing millions more to join the party.

We saw absolute mania across the crypto space and now we are seeing investors like Michael Saylor who could be presented with a margin call and we are seeing coinbase issue a bankruptcy warning showing net losses of over $430,000,000!

We could be in a new environment across investing in assets such as bitcoin, litecoin, ether, Solana and other cryptocurrencies. This party in the crypto and NFT space could be over and be over for good and we could be stepping into a very dark season for the cryptocurrency space.

What will this mean for the investors who have money on the exchange at Coinbase? It could mean that they could lose their entire holdings if they go bankrupt. This is the time for investors to get their money into their own cold storage wallet and take custodial ownership over their own digital assets.

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