Unlocking your personal wealth potential

2 years ago

The word ‘chakra’ gets thrown around a lot in alternative healing, not so much in the financial world.

But, did you know that your chakra system is your road map for personal wealth?

Your entire history is written inside your chakra system.

That includes your Money DNA.

How successful or not your ancestors were, affects you hugely today.

It is all hidden inside the energies of your body/mind system, which is controlled by your chakras.

Blocked energy in the chakras inhibits your ability to live your life fully.
For instance, if the hidden data in your chakras dictate that you can never earn more than $500 per week, you will never go above that amount.

Whether it is $50, $5000, or $ 5000000 or more per week, your money ceiling is already determined before you start your new job or venture.

Did you know that if all the money in the world is divided equally, everyone would be given $10 million dollars?

That is how abundant humanity is.

The sad fact is, that within a few months of sharing the money out equally, we would be back to square one.

The 1% of humanity would own 99% of our world’s riches again.

We need to stop blaming the ‘elite’ and step into bigger boots ourselves!

We need to create lasting change from the inside out.

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