The Bee Weekly: Ultra-MAGA Siaka and the Libertarian Zoomer

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1 year ago
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Kyle Mann is joined by The Babylon Bee’s own MJ and special guest Siaka Massaquoi. The trio discuss laaaaaame Democrats, the FBI confiscating MAGA hats, Gen Z being a weird generation, and more!

New editions of Bee Radio and Weakly News are here… and MJ answers questions from her Twitter followers. They all seem to like her but the rest of us have to deal with hate mail. Why do we keep getting these? You’re hurting our feelings, you guys. FROWNY FACE.

Siaka Massaquoi is also running for California office as representative of District 43! If you’re in that area try legally voting for him. He seems cool. And he’s black. Also, check out his What The Fact channel on Rumble and on Instagram.

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