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“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists - The Last Version

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https://www.vaticancatholic.com There are many interesting new things in the final edition.

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Timestamps for different sections of the video:

0:00 Intro
5:15 David Copperfield
23:00 Magicians’ Poster Ads With Demons
27:56 Demon Doug Thompson
33:00 Derren Brown
36:04 Hans Klok
36:37 David Blaine
54:02 Aleister Crowley
55:15 Cyril Takayama
1:00:57 Criss Angel
1:31:13 Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin's Involvement In Magic & The Occult
1:35:00 Haunted Houses Explained
1:44:11 Franklin Saint
1:45:41 Dynamo
2:10:24 Mike Super and “Desmond”
2:17:18 Mat Franco
2:22:55 “Special Head”
2:12:52 Shin Lim
2:33:44 Colin Cloud
2:35:43 Chloé Crawford
2:36:19 “Sacred Rianna”
2:37:52 People Openly Sell Their Souls To The Devil
2:44:31 Patrick Kun
2:45:26 Jibrizy
2:49:11 Oz Pearlman
2:55:33 Darcy Oake
2:56:00 Ahmed El Bayed
2:56:23 What Does The Bible Say About Magic/Sorcery?
3:02:30 “Magicians”: False Christs Performing False Signs And Wonders
3:24:58 Magic Is A False Religion

This video is an examination of some of the most well-known “magicians” in the world. The video examines many of their “magic” acts. These acts are impossible for a human being to perform without the assistance of a spirit or spirits. The video also shows overwhelming evidence that connects many different "magicians" to demons. The video proves that these "magicians" are really sorcerers who use demonic power to perform their "tricks".

Note: In this video, the term "supernatural" is not used in the strictly theological sense, which would distinguish between the "supernatural" (that which is above nature) and the "preternatural" (that which is beyond nature). Rather, all things that are beyond nature are called "supernatural," as the term would be understood by the majority of people in the culture.

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