Let's Not Forget Tour Stop 6 - Tauranga - Bay of Plenty - 6 May 2022

2 years ago

Another amazing gathering with a packed house.

Brad Flutey MC'd the Tauranga event again.

Aly Cook kicked of the gathering with a moving live performance of Lttle White Crosses.

Shayna Gaskell, Welcome Freedom Markets founder & manager discusses trading outside the system.

Andrew Hollis, a proud father and successful business entrepreneur, Tauranga candidate of the New National Party, discussed the impact of the removal of our rights & the creation of a two class society.

Justine Laidlaw an integrative functional medicine cancer coach highlights the exceptional rise of remission cancer cases exploding back into chronic cancer diagnosis post receipt of Pfizer injections.

Dr Mike Godfrey, 23 years in mainstream medicine and a further 36 years in integrative holistic environmental medicine, specialising in chelation therapy, toxicology, IV vitamin C therapy, thermography, a wide range of natural medicine, gives hope and recovery to many 1000s New Zealanders, discusses past and present medical issues.

And a Counterspin "Let's Not Forget" tour first: Award of Excellence for Dr Mike Godfrey who is a living legend in the Tauranga and New Zealand community. We took the opportunity to recognise his ifelong commitment to truth, courage and freedom.

Sue Grey, environmental lawyer and co-leader of the Freedom and Outdoors Party discusses her upcoming stand in the Tauranga by-election.

And Vinny Eastwood closed the night in his own style.

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