John Lennon & Yoko Ono In 1971: Overpopulation Is A “Joke,” “Myth”

2 years ago

Lennon Said There Are More Than Enough Resources To Go Around For Everyone, The Real Problem Is Distribution, And Everything Will Balance Itself Out Naturally. Lennon Even Speculated That Overpopulation Was A Myth Used By The U.S. Government To Keep People Distracted From More Important Issues Like The Vietnam War.

Paul Ehrlich’s Best-seller The Population Bomb Had Been Published Just Three Years Earlier When John Lennon And His Wife Yoko Ono Appeared On Johnny Carson’s Show In 1971.

The Prevailing Wisdom Of The Time Was That The Earth Had Too Many People And That Humanity’s Ever-growing Population Would Soon Destroy The Planet, Leading To Mass Extinction, Starvation, And An Overall Collapse Of The World System. The Problem Was Extremely Urgent, If Not Already Past The Point Of Remedy, Population Controllers Warned, And Governments Desperately Needed To Promote Contraception, Abortion, And Sterilization To Save The World.

My Dudes If This Looks Familiar To You, Is Pure Coincidence...

Ono: "Well, I Think The Problem Is Not Over-population, As People Believe It To Be, But More Of A Balance Of Things, What, You Know, Like Food, Some Parts Of The World Food Is Wasted, For Instance, Some Parts Nobody Has Food And That Kind Of A Balance, If That Is Solved, I Don't Think We Need To Worry So Much About Over-Population."

Lennon: "I Think It's A Bit Of A Joke The Way People Have Made This Over-Population Thing Into Kind Of A Myth. I Don't Believe It, You Know. I Think That Whatever Happens Will Balance Itself Out And Work Itself Out. It's All Right For Us Living To Say, "Well, There's Enough Of Us So We Won't Have Any More, Don't Let Anyone Else Live." I Don't Believe In That. I Think We Have Enough Food And Money To Feed Everybody, And I Think The Natural Balance, Even Though All People Will Be Able To Last Longer. There's Enough Room For Us And Some Of Us Will Go To The Moon And Live."

Cavett: "You Mean You Think There's Enough For Human Existence?"

Lennon: "Yeah, I Don't Believe In Over-Population. I Think That's Kind Of A Myth The Government Has Thrown Out To Keep Your Mind Off Vietnam, Ireland, And All The Important Subjects."

Cavett: "Oh, I Think You're Wrong About That."

Lennon: "Oh, I Don't Care."

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