Why Millennials Can't Take a Joke | Carolla, Saget, Barr, Callen & Miller| COMEDY | Rubin Report

Published May 13, 2022 3,784 Views
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Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Adam Carolla, Bob Saget, Roseanne Barr, Bryan Callen, and Dennis Miller about the current state of comedy in this special “best of” episode. Adam Carolla explains how the self esteem movement of the early 1980s may be responsible for cancel culture. Bob Saget shares what modern audiences seem to miss about insult comedy, the nuance of comedy roasts, and the dark humor of Don Rickles. Roseanne Barr and Dave wax poetic about Bea Arthur. Bryan Callen gives a brutal assessment on how bad Venice Beach has gotten and why he’s considering leaving California. Finally, Dennis Miller shares how he got hired to do the Weekend Update segment on Saturday Night Live and why you’ll rarely see him in any SNL sketches.

Watch Dave Rubin's FULL interviews with:

Adam Carolla: How To Spot Celeb Republicans, Raise Tough Kids & Save Comedy

Bob Saget: On Comedy, Trump, & Political Correctness

Roseanne Barr: Trump, Hillary, Comedy & More!

Bryan Callen: Leaving California, Black Conservatives & American Socialists

Dennis Miller: Why You Should Skip College, Giving Up & The Real O’Reilly

Interested in the current state of comedy? Wondering how a stand up comedian finds humor in this environment of extreme political correctness? Looking for a place where you can get inside the politically incorrect comic minds of people like Bob Saget, Steven Crowder, Nick Di Paolo, Margaret Cho and Roseanne Barr?
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