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UNCERTIFIED! EAC & ES&S Election Machine Cover-up


Jen & Sophie share insights into the documents they obtained showing the ES&S voting machine coverup of 2019-2020. The DS200 machines are NOT certifiable with modems that can be enabled or disabled. Instead of correcting the problem, the federal agency EAC (Election Assistance Commission) hand slaps ES&S by having them "update" their materials and asking them to send a letter letting the counties know it "wasn't their intention" to mislead by stating the decertification.

EAC had ES&S send letters to all counties notifying them, but so far no records have been found to confirm if this happened or not. If not notified, ES&S has some problems to address. If they did notify the counties, then how much responsibility for this lies on counties who still used those machines?

Since some machines were likely used that aren't certified, and many state laws require certified machines, then what....?!

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