God hears the cry of the Poor - An interview with Warner Mendenhall

Published May 11, 2022

Warner Mendenhall is a lawyer of 24 years and the Principal of the Mendenhall Law Group, in Ohio, USA. He was a councilman in Akron, Ohio (1992-1995). He has represented whistleblowers trying to stop Medicare, Medicaid, Defense Contracting and Federal Grant Fraud.

In this episode we discuss the following:

- Why Warner chose to study the Law.

- How the Mendenhall Law Group website states that "we represent the underdog" and why the group is taking on a lot of COVID-19 cases at the moment.

- How the Mendenhall Group holds governments and corporations to account for their actions.

- The question over whether more lawyers and law firms taking on these sorts of cases now, or if there is a shift, and the example of a case that the Mendenhall Group defended where a bar which was licenced to stay open until 2 am, but had its licence stripped for staying open after 10 pm, due to COVID restrictions.

- How the big law firms drank the cool aid and did just fine during the pandemic, whereas small law firms really struggled, especially as courts were closed.

- The question whether the judges are compromised and how there are still have independent judges in article 3 courts.

- How the Medenhall Group currently has 5 cases on vaccine mandates in 5 public universities, how it is illegal in Ohio to discriminate against students for being vaccinated with the EUA vaccine or being unvaccinated, how these universities were discriminating between the 2 groups, and thus all these cases should be successful.

- The Wright State University case involving Dr Bobay, a doctor in his residency, who did not want the shot, had been exposed to COVID-19 every day for 18 months and wanted his natural immunity recognised. The University wanted to terminate his residency. The Judge said "No, he's not going to be fired".
The hearing transcript (temporary restraining order) is available on https://healthfreedomcounsel.com/documentation/

- How some University spokespersons have said the Pfizer vaccine is authorised; however, the one that is authorised, Comirnaty, is not used in Ohio or anywhere in the USA - this is a bait-and-switch, this is fraud. This issue is the basis of all of Medenhall Group's lawsuits.

- Save OhioU: alumni, students, and staff at Ohio University have stepped up to fight back against the illegal and anti-science mandates, gathering 27,000 pages of public documents. Cincinatti students like Ben Lipp have gathered 40,000 pages of documents.

- How the interuniversity council of Ohio setup peer pressure groups to influence other students to get vaccinated, setting up leaderboards to see which residence halls had the highest vaccination rate etc.

- How the reason the vaccine is pushed onto every student at these universities, despite the risk, is the CARES Act Funding: when the university signs up for federal monies, it agrees to CDC guidance, it's a contract. However, Warner advises that the Universities should explore the clause "to the extent practicable".

- The class action lawsuit against Akron Children's Hospital for firing dozens of unvaccinated employees.

- How the firm is also representing Vaccine injury cases. Warner has never seen anything like this. He has built a group of 50 lawyers, CHD has a group of 100 lawyers, and lawyers coming out of retirement to help.

- Advice for the vaccine injured on how to prepare their file for the lawyers, to assist the process.

- How the vaccine injured can go against Pfizer or Moderna in court. Pfizer hid injuries from its phase 3 trial - this is fraud, which means they are not going to have their liability protection.

- Advice for whistleblowers: find an experienced whistleblower lawyer. In USA, there is Tax Payers Against Fruad (https://www.taf.org) which has 500 attornies.

- How Warner is very happy to talk to whistleblowers, he has many years of experience representing whistleblowers, and has had a lot of calls from whistleblowers, eg from within the CDC, Pfizer, Moderna and J & J.

Websites referred to in the interview:

- Mendenhall Law Group

- Health Freedom Counsel

- Mendenhall Group documentation database

- Warner's blog

- Save OhioU

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