Did Brian Craig Figure Out Reason for Baby Formula Shortage?

Published May 10, 2022 5,174 Views

Brian Craig, co-host of the Steve Kane Radio Show (6-9 AM ET weekdays on 1470 WWNN Radio) used deductive reasoning ala Sherlock Holmes on the May 10 show to possibly figure out the reason for the baby formula shortage. Could he be right? Well, if there is at least one intrepid reporter out there who wants to go beyond merely acting as a stenographer for the Democrats and ASK government officials about this perhaps we can find out. And if Brian proves to be right, in a just world he would deserve a Pulitizer prize. That probably won't happen because these days Pulitizers are handed out to reporters reciting Democrat talking points on such stories as the fake news Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory that was ultimately debunked by the Mueller Report.

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