UNTOUCHABLE with DAVID ICKE - Jimmy Savile 4 hr 20 min documentary

Published May 10, 2022 13,358 Views

UNTOUCHABLE with DAVID I - Jimmy Savile 4 hr 20 min documentary
This new documentary for an online audience examines how one of Britain's most prolific offenders engineered his career and lifestyle to escape detection from the authorities for over sixty years.
Over 4 years, this documentary was produced by Shaun Attwood with Underground Films.
David Icke (conspiracy researcher)
Kelly Gold (friend of Top of the Pops suicide victim)
Mark Williams-Thomas (ex-cop)
Christian Wolmer (author)
Stephen French (author/activist)
Matthew Steeples (author/activist)
Mark Costeh (author)
Christopher Berry-Dee (author)
Jason Farrell (senior political correspondent)
Dr Sohom Das (psychiatrist)
Alan Merritt (activist)

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