It's All on The Line Documentary by OBBM Network

Published May 9, 2022 139 Views
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People everywhere are beginning to notice stark contrasts to the way free societies operated in the past, to the way we are expected to operate now.
How is it that our founding documents - designed to give us a framework for how to proceed through challenging times - could so easily be discarded, overruled, and dismantled?
Social Equity
Not balance of well being, it’s balance of corporations for population management.
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) - redirecting the flow of global capital by imposing ESG compliance on corporations to achieve predetermined outcomes. Event 201 Oct 2019 8 Predictions for the World in 2030
A recent report claims CTCL is “targeting areas to boost only Democratic turnout” and granting the bulk of the Zuckerberg funds to counties and cities that vote Democrat, giving them an “undue advantage.”
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Dr. Ardis Segment
Charges leveled against Remdesivir and criminal Fauci. Warning: Protect your loved ones and community!
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