10 months ago

The 100 year UFO ET Cover Up - timeline of events, people & organizations

Dan Willis served with the US Navy where he first encountered evidence of a UFO/ET coverup in 1969. He was among a select group of 20 insiders/whistleblowers who came forward to share their testimony about the coverup in the famous May 2001 Disclosure Project press conference held in Washington DC. In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Dan covers his background, participation in the Disclosure Project, and his timeline of the UFO extraterrestrial cover up dating back to 1922. Key events discussed include Maria Orsic, the Third Reich's flying saucer program, Temporal War, Antarctica, Operation Highjump, President Eisenhower's meetings and agreements, and how these relate to current events.

Dan Willis' timeline is available here: https://thewebmatrix.net/disclosure/timelineofevents.html

Dan Willis' testimony in the Disclosure Project is here: https://youtu.be/ClhNHIEPCKE?t=2030

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