Cabal-Exposures, Black Magic-Clearings & Grail-Revelations

1 year ago

The Cabal’s Actual Agenda, their Black Magic & its Energetic Cleansing and Healing. Outlined via the Christian Esoteric Approach of The Holy Grail & The Revelation of St. John.
Made by Patrick Steensma & Michiel Klinkhamer

The Video is WITHOUT Sound.

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Table of Contents

1. The Spiritual Fundamentals of this Presentation (2:15)
2. What is the Cabal & what is their Agenda? (28:40)
3. The Origin of Black Magic - The 666-being of The Revelation of St. John (35:12)
4. Black Magic Symbols of the Cabal (51:00)
5. The Energetics of the Earth and Spiritual Beings connected to it (1:09:57)
6. Examples & Global Effects of Black Magic Symbols of the Cabal (1:16:46)
7. Black Magic satanic-666 rituals of the Cabal (1:42:05)
8. Results & Discoveries of Cleansing and Healing Energetic Work (1:47:32)
9. A Cabal-Line-up: their Generals, Reincarnated Nazi’s & Black Magicians (1:53:02)
10. The No. 1 Goal on the Agenda of the Cabal (2:07:57)
11. CV-19 & the Kill-Jab – Cabal’s Black Magic False Flag World War (2:10:30)
12. Apocalypse Now, or? – Evolutionary Timelines & The Current Time (2:31:42)
13. What can be done? (2:46:14)

Link to slides about the Energetics of the Earth and the Spiritual Beings connected to it:

The Chart of Planetary & Human Evolution made by Willy Conrad (only in German):

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