VMblog Expert Interview, Rong Shen of Inspur and Ashish Nadkarni of IDC

Published May 20, 2021

VMblog spoke with Rong Shen, VP and general manager of server product line at Inspur, as well as Ashish Nadkarni, Group Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group within IDC's Worldwide Infrastructure Practice.

Quick background. Inspur is a leading data center and cloud computing solutions provider, ranked among the world’s top 3 server vendors. Inspur’s cutting-edge hardware products and designs are widely delivered and deployed in major data centers around the globe, serving important technology arenas like open computing, cloud, AI and deep learning. Inspur works with customers to develop purpose-built, performance-optimized solutions that empower them to tackle different workloads, overcome real-world challenges, and grow their business.

Watch this video interview to learn more as Rong Shen discusses his company's new M6 line of Inspur servers. He and Ashish Nadkarni also talk about accelerating #digitaltransformation across a range of industries and what challenges that brings to IT infrastructure. They also discuss what's driving adoption of new servers in the data center right now, and also provide a detailed look at the supply chain issues centered around GPUs, processors and components and how that's slowing things down.

Want more? We also discuss #OpenComputing and what customers need to consider here, and then talk about their expectations for the next 3-5 years with regard to computing infrastructure.

Find out more about Inspur at their website: https://www.inspursystems.com

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Jump straight in: ↪️
0:00 - Intro
0:25 - Introducing Rong Shen of Inspur and Ashish Nadkarni of IDC
0:51 - Overview on Inspur
2:58 - Digital Transformation in 2020, Challenges to IT Infrastructure
9:16 - What's driving adoption of new servers in the data center
14:37 - What's new with the M6 line of Inspur servers
22:00 - Which use cases helped shape Inspur server
24:01 - Supply chain issues with GPUs, processors, components and demand
26:36 - Open Computing - considerations and choices
34:10 - Expectations for computing infrastructure futures
40:12 - Wrap up

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