Mel K and Matt Ehret Discuss: The Truth about China, Russia and Global Bioweapons

2 years ago

In this conversation with Mel K, Matt Ehret was invited to shed some light on the strategic roots of the Pentagon's global bioweapons complex running 300+ biolabs across the world which grew out of the absorption of General Hiro Ishi's Unit 731 bio terror network into Fort Detrick after WWII. We also conduct a sober assessment of the growth of the US Military Industrial Complex's missile shield and military bases across both Russia and China's perimeter with which both Eurasian powers have had to deal during the past 2 decades. Additional questions answered: How have WWII nazi collaborators in Japan been glorified as national heroes in Japan to this day? How has Ukraine become the "Ukraine of the Pacific", how has Hong Kong become the CIA of the Pacific? What asymmetric, economic and biowarfare techniques have been deployed by the Anglo-American oligarchy against both Chinese, Russian and American people? And finally, what can we do about this?

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