Zeee Media Election Week: Lynne Kershaw - Senate Candidate - IMOP - TAS

1 year ago

Lynne Kershaw chose this path after her two older children reacted to their DPT injections and then her third child nearly died from his vaccine reaction. Lynne states that she is not against vaccination; she is against medical coercion. Due to her personal experiences, she subsequently researched the issue.

In 1995, Lynne was a member of a group that lobbied the federal government to stop mandatory vaccination. They were successful, but there was a compromise in that a new conscientious objector form had to be signed by a doctor. This served the community well, until the No Jab No Pay/Play legislation was introduced and the conscientious objector form was abolished.

Lynne says Australia used to be a land of fighters for freedoms who took pride in ‘having my mate’s back.’ But now we are a nation of ‘dobbers’ and ‘haters’ towards people who want to make their own health care choices for themselves and their families. This is un-Australian.


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