9 months ago

The Forgotten History of the Bank of Canada- and the Multipolar Alliance vs WEF-run Dark Age

In this conversation with Christopher James (host of A Warrior Calls), Matt Ehret discusses the geopolitics of national banking from Lincoln's greenbacks, to Diefenbaker's efforts to use the Bank of Canada as a Hamiltonian instrument of growth in opposition to Malthusian-driven Rhodes Scholars that resulted in his solf coup in 1963. With this context in place, we then review Russian and Chinese efforts to establish national controls over the private central banking system and the associated freedom to create large scale infrastructure projects in Asia and the Arctic which western nations cannot do while stuck under the ivory tower weight of the Bank of International Settlement and London.

Supplementary reading:
Forgotten Battles Against the Deep State Part I: John Diefenbaker’s Northern Vision Sabotaged by Rhodes Scholars https://canadianpatriot.org/2015/01/12/john-diefenbaker-and-the-sabotage-of-the-northern-vision/

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