Wholigans: S1E1 - Merry Christmas With Katy Manning

Published May 27, 2021

Wholigans S01E01 - Merry Christmas With Katy Manning

This video adds our new intro by Adam Walker and does not include view count from the previous one without the intro.

Paul Alves is joined by the lovely Katy Manning (who plays Doctor Who companion Jo Grant alongside Jon Pertwee and Time Lord Iris Wildthyme in the world of Doctor Who) and we chat about covid19, Christmas, all her wonderful acting work including Big Finish audios, stage plays, audio books and maple syrup.

Be sure to check out all of Katy's wonderful work on Audible.com and BigFinish.com as well as the upcoming Season 8 Doctor Who Box Set of Blu Rays!

Host: Paul Alves
Special Guest: Katy Manning

Wholigans Artwork by: Felipe Cardoso
Wholigans Theme Song arranged by: Geoff Smith
Wholigans Intro video by Adam Walker
Original Doctor Who Theme Song: Ron Grainer, arranged by Delia Derbyshire

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