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7 steps to turn your fears into opportunities

There are two kinds of people in the world.

People who see obstacles and people who see opportunity.

The people who see opportunities will create more opportunities and enjoy more successes.

Most of us are somewhere in between these two groups.

But there is one thing we all have in common!

Our first reaction in the face of insecurity and change is fear.

*Fear of being unable to get what we want.
*Fear of losing what we have.
*Fear of losing control.
*Fear of embarrassment or being shamed.
*Fear of dying.
*Fear is created by our mind/ego, by the programming of our nervous system from our ancestors, and society.
*Fear is an illusion.

Sometimes we experience the truth of who we are in the most shocking moments.

I had an epiphany of my own Essence when I got hit by a truck and left my body for a few moments.

Once I was outside my nervous system, I experienced a state of bliss and inner peace.

I had reconnected to the field of infinite acceptance and unconditional love.

We all come from this place and we will return to it.

I am happy to inform you that there are no obstacles in that space.

I received a new perspective on life, and this perspective supported me all through my recovery from near-fatal injuries.

Having a new perspective on life is different from having all the answers.

Sometimes we believe that if only I was smart enough, or got another degree, or worked harder, I will be more successful and at peace.

When in reality, all you need is a shift in perspective.

And you don’t need to die first to receive this perspective.

You can gain a completely new perspective by dropping into your core essence.

Wisdom always dwells there.
The answers you are looking for are waiting to be found in this place.

So the first step in overcoming fear, and beginning to see opportunities rather than obstacles, is to receive a change in the way you perceive your life.

A shift in perspective is always accompanied by a shift in your body chemistry.

That means you will experience a positive change on a cellular level.

Your body will begin to pump out serotonin and dopamine, the love and peace hormones.

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