Five Deaths and a Feast For The Vultures

1 year ago

In the hours immediately surrounding the events of January 6th, five Americans lost their lives, five false narratives were crafted by corporate media, and the opportunistic, old vultures in government came screeching into the the aftermath, ravenous in their desire to capitalize on the tragedy of the day.

Amongst the crowd, assembled near the west side scaffolding was Benjamin Phillips.
As Capitol Police began indiscriminate firing of munitions into the crowd, Phillips was struck by a grenade; stopping his heart and causing him to collapse.
Eyewitnesses say police refused to perform CPR, citing the risk of contracting COVID, while Phillips lay dying on the sidewalk for nearly 15 minutes.
He was eventually transported away from the mayhem on a makeshift stretcher, but it was far too late to save his life.

Also falling victim to the unprovoked assault was Kevin Greeson.
As grenades were haphazardly launched into the crowd, Greeson collapsed, and once again, civilians struggled to provide care for a dying man.
While desperately attempting to save his life with CPR, and begging nearby police for help, those who were there say the only aid police rendered was to mace anyone who got near them.

Now disproven legacy media reports said that Rosanne Boyland fell victim to “acute amphetamine intoxication”, preying on her addiction issues from seven years earlier, and providing cover for the fact that she was beaten unconscious by Capitol Police Officer Lila Morris.
As protesters fought bravely to protect Boyland’s lifeless body from the onslaught of police brutality, law enforcement continued to. spray chemicals into their faces.

Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbitt had no intention of being violent or destructive when she took her last walk that day.
In fact, she can be heard asking a Sergeant at Arms employee about how his day is going.
At the doors to the Speaker’s Lobby, her frustration with police inaction, in regards to agitator Zachary Alam is undeniable, as she yells, “call f---ing help, we’re allowed to be here.”
Seven seconds before being shot, Babbitt grabbed Alam by his backpack, pulled him away from the window he had broken, and punched him in the mouth.
Her effort to prevent vandalism, as police stood by and watched, was rewarded with a bullet from the carefully aimed pistol of Capitol Police Lieutenant, Michael Leroy Byrd, who has called himself a hero, while becoming over $160,000 richer through donations made to his go fund me.

In their concerted effort to demonize protesters, mainstream media was quick to report that Officer Brian Sicknick was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher, and beaten until his “head caved in”.

Their narrative has now been shown to be 100% false, but it doesn’t get any better when looking at statements made by Chief Medical Examiner Roger A. Mitchell.
Mitchell stated that Sicknick died 7 hours and 40 minutes after being sprayed, paving the way for murder charges and a continuation of media lies.
In stark contradiction to his claims, however, is the DC Coroner’s report that says there was no internal or external injury to Sicknick’s body. The report further explains there was no evidence that exposure to chemical irritants played a role in his death.
Harvard stroke expert, Dr. Lee Schwamm, has said, “The most likely explanation was a terrible coincidence of timing,”.
In others words, Officer Sicknick had a stroke. He was not murdered in the line of duty.

Even more shocking than that revelation are the statements of eyewitnesses Rod Taylor and Chris Alberts, who both say they recognized Officer Sicknick’s condition as a medical emergency, and pleaded with other officers to render aid.

Much like what we’ve been told about other deaths, Alberts says he police ordered him to “mind his own business.”

With questions surrounding the reported causes of death, one might be led to think the departed’s bodies should be re-examined.

Unfortunately, that’s no longer an option as all 5 were quickly cremated; forever concealing any answers they may have provided, and allowing the vultures to continue their feast on civil liberties.

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