Epis. 14 - 2022. Patients' Use of HiTech HIPAA for low cost records

1 year ago

Patients are often being excessively charged for copies of their own medical records. Often it is a hardship to pay, other times they simply can't. I have seen many a patient be unable to avail himself of insurance coverage, disability benefits, health treatment. I have seen a patient/disability client remain homeless far longer than necessary because he couldn't get the records needed to prove his disability case. I am Disability Attorney Stephanie Joy and here I share what ALL patients, nationwide, can do to ensure their right to very low cost records, and it has to do with asking for them in the manner prescribed by HIPAA's HiTech/Access provisions - an apparently little used right provided them under HIPAA, which will supercede any higher charges sought by your provider under his State fee laws which may be less favorable than the federal HIPAA protections. Take a listen!

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