Today, I am coming to you as your Money Coach!

2 years ago

Today, I am coming to you as your Money Coach!

Did you know we give ourselves around 60000 messages every day?

And that most of these are negative?

Today, I want to help you identify thought patterns that are draining your body, and making you feel heavy, anxious, and depressed, so you can delete them.

We are thinking all the time, but often we don’t realize how much we are engaged in self-criticism.

We are constantly hurting ourselves because our mind influences the rest of our bodies and our nervous systems.
For instance, you might have a pattern where you never feel good enough…..

You keep thinking I am not good at hanging onto money.
I am not even going to try for a promotion.
I don’t deserve an extra $1000 a fortnight….. etc.

I have chosen to focus on money because it brings up a lot of stress in most people.

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