Susan Knopf Talks Election Commission Facts at BCRW April Meeting

1 year ago

Susan Knopf is the Elections Administrator for Blount Co. She shares a load of information on how elections are conducted in our county along with some stats on the current state of the voting population in Blount Co. She spoke at the April 25, 2022 Blount Co. Republican Women's meeting held at the Town Hall in Louisville, TN. Following is a time code list for different topics in the speech if you wish to skip ahead to the info. you are interested in.

1:31 Why did you move here?
1:48 Absentee Ballots
2:14 Candidate petitions
3:22 Signature verification
3:48 Deadlines to run
4:09 Sample Ballot locations
5:12 What happens to voters who move here
5:45 Ballot security
6:33 Poll Watchers
7:29 Name order on the ballot
8:12 Poll watcher training
9:09 Voting Machine operations
12:01 Districts changes
13:49 Provisional Ballots
17:03 Voter registration numbers and turnout
17:47 Number of ballots
18:35 Election Commission Location

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