Sean Davis: What this new office does is just give them FAKE NEWS

Published May 2, 2022 722 Views
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Sean Davis: "I don't think so, especially when you look at what happened in 2020, because is I think what they're actually setting up at DHS here is the full run of their control of information in 2020.

They did a test run with the Hunter Biden laptop, and all these former corrupt spooks came out and said, oh, it's Russian disinformation, which was a lie. And then they pedal down to the tech companies. And then the tech companies dutifully banned anyone who talked about the Hunter Biden laptop from being on the Internet.

And what this new office does is just give them the ability to launder that fake news. Except do it anonymously. These idiots don't have to go and sign a letter with their names on it anymore."

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