CMAJ Study Is Bad Science Pushing Hatred & Vaccine Disinformation -Dr. Byram Bridle, Immunologist

Published May 2, 2022 2,387 Views

World-renowned viral immunologist and vaccinologist, Dr. Byram Bridle, PhD, called the recently published Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) study "the worst [scientific paper] that I have ever seen" and demands its immediate retraction by the CMAJ.


According to Dr. Bridle, the paper authored by Fisman, epidemiologist and former adviser of the Ontario Science Table, et al., "is only thinly veiled hate speech under the guise of science," targeting the unvaccinated to promote failing and harmful Covid-19 vaccines. Join us here for this candid talk of the many flaws found in Fisman's most recent fiction, trumpeted by the mercenary mainstream media.

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