Only The Lonely (5-1-22)

1 year ago

01:00 Kyle Rowland joins,
04:00 Kyle's analysis on what happened to Luke's show
12:00 Anti-Social Disorder,
26:00 When Luke decided to write on Dennis Prager and lost all of his LA friends,
39:00 Nick Fuentes v Mr Metokur, Kino Casino
47:00 Young men are assholes
59:25 Curtis Yarvin
1:09:20 Russia v Ukraine
1:15:20 Joe Biden's mental faculties
1:17:40 Iran
1:18:00 Decoding Very Bad Gurus,
1:19:00 Aura Soma,
1:27:00 The Master (2012),
1:32:00 My ex-GF died,
2:16:00 First religious Muslim woman on the cover of Playboy,
2:28:00 Journalist Noor Tagouri on misrepresentation of Muslims in the media

How Do You Spot Toxic People?
Ideology of Anti-populism & the Administrative State,

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