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Aaron Renn: Christians Uniting to Confront a Post Christian Nation

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"People don't remember that Jesus was as smart a man as ever lived. No one ever got the better of him in a discussion or debate." Those words are from the Two Mikes' guest Aaron Renn, who has formed an association called American Reformer, which is intended to find a way to reunite America's now divided Evangelical community and restore the formerly pivotal role which Christianity played in American society. The quotation above is one of the keys to success -- listen, understand, and take to heart what Jesus said and did. Mr. Renn argues that this will not be an easy task, as Christianity now faces a society that is overwhelmingly negative toward Christians, a contempt so strong that Christians often get unfair -- at times ugly and discriminatory treatment -- in the workplace, the public square, and educational institutions. Mr. Renn says that is time for Christians to restudy their faith and come to a fuller, more adult understanding of the words of Jesus, the Bible, and their faith. It will require believers to move away from comfortable or trendy religious practices, beliefs, ceremonies, as well as the "bad teaching and approaches" that are meant to avoid controversy and fill pews, and get back to the much harder and only path to heaven that Jesus said existed, and which He described as the "narrow road."

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