1 year ago

The War on Deconstruction

There is a major come out recently in Christian circles. This movement is known as "deconstruction." This is a very dangerous movement because it leads people away from the truth of Scripture. This deconstruction has led many people away from Christ, because many people who are very prominent in the Christian faith have come out and deconstructed their faith. After deconstructing their faith, they lead people where they are going in their journey. This is a very dangerous thing to do because they do not. Why would anyone do that? I do not know. All I do know is that if you are deconstructing, go back to scripture. Go to the truth! Scripture is truth! The word of God says, "sanctify me in your truth, truth." As Christians who have believed the Bible for the past 2000 years, we should hold true to what we know is true… The Bible! Sadly, people have fallen away from this and have been led into apostasy.

In this episode, Alex discusses the false movement, known as deconstruction. Recently, prominent singer, author, and podcaster John Cooper has been making waves when it comes to the topic of deconstruction. In 2019, John wrote an article about why "Christian leaders" are falling away from their faith. In his article, John points his readers to the truth of Scripture. I believe that as Christians, it is our mission to do the same. Point people towards Scripture! John also recently made many headlines because of comments that he made on the Christian concert tour, Winter Jam. John took a pause in the middle of his set and said, "It’s Time to β€˜Declare War Against This Deconstruction Christian Movement." I agree! It is indeed time to wage war against deconstruction and to wage war against it with The Bible!

The reason that deconstruction is happening in undoubtedly because of the curse of sin. It is no revival within Christianity, rather it is a tool of destruction that the devil is using to destroy souls. It is evil! Anytime you deconstruct the truth of Scripture, the devil will in turn reconstruct it for you. I encourage and implore you all, cling to Scripture. If you have doubts, cling to Scripture. If you have questions, cling to Scripture. Scripture is THE truth. Hold onto Scripture and seek THE truth, not some progressive ideology or thought process that will lead you away.

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