An Alternative to the System of Compliance

Published April 28, 2022 336 Views

2+ years into the global abuse, many people are in a similar situation to a person in an abusive relationship or family. In this clip from my interview with Jeff Witzeman of Health Freedom for Humanity, we talk about my work with psychological abuse survivors and how that's related to what's happening now. Jeff shares insights from his work in advocating for kids in schools who are being forced into compliance, against their constitutional right to an education, as well as the dilemma of parents between whether to keep fighting for their kids' rights in the school system or leaving the abusive system entirely. The biggest challenge, whether in an abusive relationship, family or society, is helping people realize that the system is abusive and that won't change. This acceptance is necessary for people who don't want to participate in the system of compliance, so they can liberate themselves into a new life of health, sanity and sovereignty.

Link to the full show on Health Freedom for Humanity, episode 66:

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