Infants To Be ‘Guinea Pigs’ As Remdesivir Dangerously Approved By FDA Without Proper Studies

“You’ve got a dangerous drug that’s now going to be tested in babies, it’s fully approved but everyone who gets it is going to be a guinea pig because no proper studies are being done”

Gilead is at it again, Meryl Nass, M.D. likens FDA collaboration to approve dangerous drug Remdesivir for infants as young as 28 days old to Tamiflu in which Gilead ‘massaged’ data in order to get FDA approval.

“Approval was based on a single trial of 53 children conducted by Gilead”, 3 of which died, she unpacks.

Nass asserts that Remdesivir in general has been used improperly over the last 2 years during a period when the live virus is no longer present in the body.

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