Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 4-27-22: The Serpent’s Seed

Published April 27, 2022 1,907 Views

The more we learn about the demonic efforts behind the COVID fiasco and the gene-altering injections that pose as vaccines, the clearer it becomes how Satan has ramped up his spiritual war against God and mankind. We who follow Bible prophecy saw well before COVID that the signs of the times were converging just as Scripture foretells. With the advent of the plandemic these last few years, and with the knowledge we’re gaining everyday about its origin and effects, how can anyone not realize that we are at the end of the age? More importantly should be our response to this revelation. Indeed, if we are in a time just like the Days of Noah which Jesus stated (which we are), and the climax of that era was absolute judgment, how can we today not comprehend the extent of judgment soon coming upon our world as we know it?

There are three prominent issues I’d like to discuss in this Prophecy Update titled The Serpent’s Seed. They are:

1. Genetic reproductive manipulation
2. Dr. Bryan Ardis’ disclosure that all things COVID involve snake venom poisoning
3. The implications of God’s judgment

All the things we discuss these days seem to be over the top and frightening, to say the least. Thank God, we who know the Lord Jesus Christ have Him as our refuge and strength! As we cling to Him, He enables us to see things for what they are and put them into the proper perspective. The bottom line is that He is coming soon, and all that which the Bible prophesies concerning these latter days will come to pass. We’ll explore that a bit more in our third point today.


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