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Published April 27, 2022 4,812 Views
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April 27, 2022

Day 768 of 15 days to flatten the curve.

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Sometimes, it's the little things you have to pay attention to: The pedophile identifying as a 5-year-old to evade justice, Wimbledon's definition of "discrimination", the decades-old newspaper story about AIDS being tied to the smallpox vaccination, and others too numerous to mention. Plus, Libs Of TikTok gets deleted from Linktree.

Mike McCormick, author of Joe Biden Unauthorized: And The 2020 Crackup Of The Democratic Party, joins the program to discuss the implications of the emails contained in Hunter Biden's laptop and how they could lead to Joe Biden's impeachment.

Brandon Morse from joins the program to discuss the ongoing reverberations of the Elon Musk Twitter purchase.

Peter Serefine's Liberty Minute & Aaron Barker's Breakdown are part of the show, as well.

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All things in one place:

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